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Zeopix Digital Imaging provides a variety of digital imaging services for Photographers, Artists, and Consumers.


Photographic Services: Zeopix is pleased to announce that we are now offering photography for weddings and other special events.

Large format Giclee printing: Using state of the art ink jet technology we can produce high quality prints that equal and surpass the quality that can be achieved through conventional silver halide photographic processes. We can print your pictures on one of several specialty papers depending upon the effect you want to achieve. We have papers that look exactly like conventional photographic papers as well as a line of fine art papers and canvas to fine tune the look and feel of your photographs and artwork.

 Photo retouching and restoration: We can take your old or damaged photographs and digitally repair and restore them. We can also touch up items in a photograph that you don't like. For example, we can remove people or objects that spoil an otherwise good photograph. We can also cover up tattoos or scars or whiten teeth as well as soften wrinkles.

 Photo montages and collages: Our artists can create a montage by taking multiple pictures and combining them to create a completely new picture. Collages can be created by laying out multiple pictures on the same page.

 Turn photos into artwork: We can enlarge and add digital brush strokes to your photographs to make them look like a watercolor or oil painting. Combine this with one of our specialty papers to turn them into your own custom artwork.

 Fine art reproduction: We can make a digital copy of your original artwork and print it out on any of our papers. We can make the copy look just like the original or we can make adjustments and corrections as you direct.

 Slide and negative scanning: The dyes and emulsions in slides and negatives can fade and discolor over time. We can scan and correct your slides and negatives and put them on a CD or DVD. Once they are in digital format, they will not change over time and can easily be printed out for display.

 Video tape to DVD transfer: As video tapes age, magnetic fields from numerous sources (i.e. your TV) can cause the image quality to degrade. We can digitize and time base correct your old videos and put them on DVDs. Digital formats are not susceptible to the same deteriorating effects that analog formats are.

Custom artwork: We also offer custom artwork through our partner RAKEarts.